Pokémon Go and Get Fit!


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed this new trend of people walking around slowly, glued to their phones, looking for Pikachu. This new craze is called Pokémon  Go, and I have personally derived many hours of adventurous fun from this free app. I have also walked significantly more than I ever would have, which is especially beneficial during my pregnancy. I played the original Pokémon game back in the day on my little Gameboy Color, and I loved it! So how fun is it that I get to play a somewhat real version of this game in my adult life? Really fun. But I do feel a little embarrassed at times, and I’m not as quick to admit to playing it as I would be to admit to other more…constructive hobbies. Like working out! So I’ve come up with a way to do both. Find you a hobby that does both, right??


For this to really give you a good workout, you can’t be afraid to drop down and do a few pushups in the middle of the park. You might actually impress everyone around in the process! I will give you a simple pattern to follow, but please modify it to suit your activity level, your goals, and even your location (because different pokémon will be in different areas). Always consult your doctor if you are beginning a new workout program, or have any conditions that may prevent you from exercising. Complete these exercises at your own risk, both for potential risk of physical injury, and for risk of being made fun of by out of shape people who can’t walk 100 feet without wheezing. If you’re unsure about your form for any particular exercise, ask a trainer at your local gym or have someone that knows what they’re doing watch your form.


Now for the fun part. The game! No more judgement from people who don’t play the game, if anyone asks what you’re doing just tell them you’re getting in a killer workout! Here’s the outline:


If you see a Weedle:

If you catch a Weedle:

  • 15 air squats plus 1 extra for every pokeball it takes to catch it

If you see a Rattata:

If you catch a Rattata:

  • 15 walking lunges plus 1 extra for every pokeball it takes to catch it

If you see a Pidgey:

  • 10 jumping jacks

If you catch a Pidgey:

  • 15 jumping jacks plus one extra for every pokeball it takes to catch it

If a pokemon escapes from the ball and runs away:

  • 10 push ups (do from your knees if you need to)

At every Pokéstop:

  • Run in place for 10 seconds

If you evolve a pokémon:

If you catch a new pokémon that was not registered in your Pokédex:


You can modify this based on the common pokémon in your area, and based on your ability to complete different exercises. The best part about this workout is that you can bring a friend with that doesn’t like Pokémon, and have them do the exercises right alongside you. You don’t have to like Pokémon to get a killer workout, but it sure helps!


I would love to hear your Pokémon adventures, and it would make my day to see pictures/videos of you getting your workout on during the Pokémon hunt! You can post those right to this webpage, to the Facebook page, or tag me on Instagram @MerriFitness


Also, don’t forget to watch where you’re going 🙂