6 Foods To Never Eat For Breakfast (Or Lunch Or Dinner)


There aren’t very many guarantees in life, and you should question any health related guarantees you may be offered. But I promise that if you don’t eat these foods for breakfast, you will be so much healthier. If you really want to maximize your results, go ahead and avoid these foods for all meals.

Don’t make these common mistakes, avoid this list of foods to NEVER eat for breakfast





Raw beef

Eating raw beef can cause listeria, E. Coli, and salmonella. By cooking the beef, you significantly reduce the risk for these food borne illnesses. By cooking to 160 degrees, you can effectively kill the bacteria and consume your protein with confidence. Cooking the beef slowly will also allow you to season it with many delicious spices to make a flavorful dish.



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Produce with critters coming out

However cute they may be, frogs and worms can carry deadly diseases including Salmonella. Salmonella can cause diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting. For those who are already ill or in poor health, this could potentially become fatal. Instead of reptile/amphibian infested foods, choose produce that is not punctured or lacks bite marks.



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Veggies with a face

If your vegetables have a face, they are most likely GMO. GMO stands for genetically modified organism, and I shudder to think of just how modified a vegetable would have to be to end up with a face. Another risk that these modified veggies carry is that they could have intact vocal cords. This could result in your veggie screaming out and startling you when you are chopping them with a sharp knife, causing the knife to slip and cut off a finger. It is best to choose a non-GMO variety of vegetable for a healthy breakfast and retention of all digits.




Hot peppers with banana peel skin

Bananas are an excellent choice for breakfast. However, you must make sure that a banana really is what’s inside the peel. Some varieties of hot peppers develop a thick skin that is identical to a banana. Through this evolutionary process, the pepper also develops several toxins to protect it from predation. These toxins produce a burning, stinging reaction in most animals, but can produce much stronger reactions in humans. To be safe, always choose organic bananas. Organic banana farms are very strict with their trees, and take great care to make sure no pepper plants are introduced.




Vegetables on fire

I love foods that are piping hot! Room temperature just doesn’t cut it sometimes. But all things in moderation! If your veggies are on fire when you eat them, this is a sign they are too hot. Consuming fire can lead to painful burns in the mouth and on the face. The burned portion of the vegetables may also contain carcinogens, so it’s best to consume your veggies hot, but before they ignite. Just to be safe, blow on your food before bringing to your mouth to extinguish any lingering flames.




Meals prepared by a frog

It may seem cute, but having this friendly amphibian prepare your food can easily lead to salmonella contamination. Just a quick reminder: salmonella can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and upset stomach. It can also lead to more serious symptoms or death for those with compromised health. A better choice would be to choose a restaurant that employs either humans or androids; an indication of good hygiene is a sign posted in the bathroom stating that “Employees must wash hands before returning to work”. You can also choose a vegan restaurant, as they will not employ amphibians in the kitchen due to the risk of contaminating vegan dishes with animal ingredients.


I hope this has been helpful to you! Choosing a great breakfast can set you up for a successful day, likewise choosing something from the list above could spoil your day. One example of a great breakfast would be an egg or 2 (none of those fake egg whites!), some preservative-free pasture raised bacon, and a few handfuls of green veggies sautéed in grass fed butter.  Feel free to comment with your favorite breakfast, or another suggestion of a breakfast to avoid.