95% of diets fail, and participants can gain back even more weight.

Less than 10% of Americans eat the recommended amount of vegetables every day.

More than 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight or obese.

Clearly, the Standard American Diet (SAD) isn't working, and neither is "going on a diet".

So how are we supposed to eat healthy, and do what seems improbable?

The answer is actually quite simple: just eat.

Join the revolution

180 in 360: turn your life around and achieve your goals in one year

Learn WHY to eat
Many diets focus on what to eat and what NOT to eat. This leaves you restricted and powerless to adapt to life's unique situations. 180 in 360 will teach why some foods are better than others, and ultimately what is the best food for your goals
Learn WHAT to eat
Instead of focusing on cutting out 75% of what you've been eating your whole life, 180 in 360 will teach you to fill up on nutritious and delicious foods. Once your body is full of the nutrients it needs, you won't miss junk food
Build a foundation of healthy habits
Making several changes overnight is no fun, and most likely not sustainable. The unique approach of 180 in 360 builds a foundation of mastering one change at a time, with accountability to progress towards your end goal
Avoid plateaus
The average plateau occurs between 6-9 months after starting a new routine. Since your progress will be tracked each month, a plateau can be identified and addressed immediately
Get a personalized eating plan
By the end of the program, you will have a customized meal plan based on your goals and that has proved to be successful in your life
Progress at your own pace, according to your knowledge level
There are 12 standard topics that cover the most important areas of diet, but if you are already proficient in certain areas they can be swapped out for additional topics to master

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